Ramon Magsaysay Historical Landmark*

NHCP Photo Collection, 2007

NHCP Photo Collection, 2007

NHCP Photo Collection, 2007
NHCP Photo Collection, 2007

Location: Castillejos, Zambales (Region III)
Category: Building
Type: House, NHCP Museum
Status: National Historical Landmark

The house where Ramon Magsaysay, seventh President of the Philippines, spent most of his productive years.

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  1. Nice blog. I visited the museum in 2013 - it is open and they did a good well informed guided tour for us.

    You can see many more photos of the museum here - http://goo.gl/9w0G3

    It was fascinating to see the memorabilia of THE Ramon Magsaysay of the famous Magsaysay award!

    I just wish they had a nice museum cafe where we could sit and soak in the place.. It is also rather poorly sign boarded - people can easily drive past without even realizing that there is a place of such national .. nay ... international interest and significance.

    By the way, a correction - this is not the house where Ramon Magsaysay spent his years - the original house was damaged in 1990 due to the Pinatubo eruption. This house has been built in the same spot (it is not even a replica of the original house - you can see photos of the original house in the museum itself) ... however, admittedly, it looks beautiful. It has a historic look and appeal.